Thank you for visiting our website. On this page you can learn about our wine production company. We not only make wine, but also wine making supplies on occasion, selling off what we don’t use ourselves so we can make the most of our production space as our commercial winery attempts to quench the world’s thirst for good wine. We are an industry leader in wine production, and we’re known for several brands that we make. Some of them have become quite notable for their quality, especially at their price point. We pride ourselves in how they perform in national competitions and the awards they either win or are considered for.

When we’re not making wines, we actually make winemaking supplies we sell to other producers and enthusiasts alike. Not everyone gets the harvest they are expecting, and if they need more supplies than they thought, we’re happy to help support our fellow industry members. Take a look through our catalog here on our website for the supplies we currently have available. Everyone from beginners vintners at home to professionals operating their own production facility are likely to find fair prices on the goods they need to keep the bottles moving.

While we don’t make beer, we certainly appreciate that beverage as much as wine and recognize the growth of the craft beer industry. As such, we’ve also started offering beer brewing supplies to meet the demands and needs of our consumers that make all things alcohol and not just wine. If you know of something you’d like to buy from us but don’t see, feel free to tell us about it.

We use the best possible grapes during each harvest every fall to make our wines, whether that’s our own grapes or someone else’s. We want our wines to taste as great as they possibly can, so we only use the best we can find. The juices and grapes we sell to customers and other winemakers are the very same ones we use ourselves, so it’s never a case of us keeping the best fruit for ourselves. The high-quality product standards we expect for our own wine is what we offer for others we serve. In addition to local and regional grapes, we also offer supplies and product from Chile and other markets from the Southern Hemisphere, so that we’re able to enjoy not one but two wine-making seasons each year.

We also bottled our wines using the best packaging machine to make that all our wines will stay fresh all the time. Thanks to GobTe we were able to produce the highest quality wines. You can also check their other equipment orĀ see their cookie line machines and many more.

Since you’ve taken the time to visit our website, feel free to visit our vineyard if you ever happen to be in the area. Check out the actual fields where we grow our grapes, do test tastings of our various brands, tour our production facility, and visit our gift store, featuring the same items on our website plus a few local extras only visitors get access to. We’re here to help when your struggling to come up with a gift idea for a birthday or holiday! For that matter, a visit to our vineyard can make for quite the date night!