Straw-colored to golden wine with a characteristic pungent aroma. It is light on the palate, dry and low acid with an alcoholic volumetric strength of 15%.

The special characteristics of this wine are the result of its particular aging process under flower veil and the microclimate of our wineries.

Unit prices: € 3.00 (€ 75) and € 2.00 (€ 35.5)

White wine

This wine has been obtained from palomino grapes by means of alcoholic fermentation at a temperature between 15º and 18º, obtaining a straw colored wine with a soft and fruity aroma.

Prices per unit: € 7.50 (Bag in Box 5 Lts), € 19.50 (Bag in Box 15 lts) and € 2.30 (Bottle 0.75 cls)

Peter Jimenez

Sweet wine of ebony color, impenetrable, very broad tear and visual sensation of density.

With a sensual and extremely rich aroma where the sweet notes of nuts predominate. These are accompanied by aromas of honey, syrup and fruits in compote and candied, accentuated with the time of aging the toasted tones and licorice.

In the mouth it is velvety and unctuous, with an acidity that mitigates the warmth of the alcohol and a very long end that encourages you to repeat the sip.

It has a volumetric alcohol content of 15%.

Unit prices: € 7.00


Wine of chestnut color to dark mahogany, aroma in which on a base of fragrant wine emanate sweet notes, like those of nuts and toasted tones like nougat and caramel.

In the mouth it is sweet with a balanced sweetness, a seductive and elegant course and a long and serene aftertaste.

It has a volumetric alcohol content of 17%

Unit prices: € 4.85